12 Things You Cant Do While Pregnant

Be careful and stay with us, to know about 12 things you cant do while pregnant. The first trimester of pregnancy, perhaps the most crucial stage. At this time, all the systems and organs of your baby are laid, and the mother’s body is fundamentally reconstructed.

Taking a very hot shower or bath. Here, temperature is the fact, excess heat is harmful for mother and baby. Having painkillers. It is proven that, they increase the risk of miscarriage, and an open oval window in the child’s heart. Hours to sunbathe. As you know overheating is harmful for both mother and baby, and in addition, under the influence of hormones, you can become covered with pigment spots. There is a risk of dehydration too.

Forgetting about vitamins. In the first trimester, vitamins are especially needed, now all the organs of the baby are actively formed. From food to get the right amount of trace elements is almost impossible. So, you must take vitamins. Sitting for a long time. At the initial time, the volume of blood in the body increases almost twice, this is a big burden on the veins. A long sitting inevitably increases the risk of varicose veins and edema. Every two hours you need to get up and do a little exercise, or just stroll for 10 to 15 minutes.

Eating raw foods. Sushi, medium rare steaks, soft cheeses, all are very tasty, but forbidden for pregnant women. These products can contain bacteria, that are dangerous for the baby’s future. Be patient, after nine months you will be able to enjoy your favorite dishes again. Using cosmetics. In the first trimester, the placenta has not yet been formed, as a reliable shelter for the baby, from the outside world. That’s why any chemicals are very dangerous for him. Try to use only natural cosmetics.

To engage in extreme sports. Activity is very useful at any time of pregnancy, but within limit. Extreme sports like, jumping with a parachute, or free diving, or anything like that is strictly prohibited. Yoga, walking, dancing, are perfect in the first trimester. Drinking coffee. Doctors do not recommend pregnant women, to drink more than one cup of coffee a day. Excess coffee threatens the risk of miscarriage, and low birth weight. But you can drink tea, with spices or ginger water.

Starve and overeat. It is impossible to live, on the same water and meal plan, when a baby grows in you. Try to eat healthy foods, and watch for weight gain. Drinking alcohol. There is no evidence that, a certain amount or type of alcohol is absolutely safe for pregnant women, even one glass of wine. Doctors advise for future mothers, to completely refrain from alcohol, since the consequences can be very serious, from underweight to brain damage in the baby.

Clean up after the cat. Cat feces can be infected with toxoplasmosis, which is extremely dangerous for the fetus parasites. Therefore, you can not touch the tray of a pet at all during pregnancy, entrust this work to one of your relatives.

So, this is all about the 12 things you cant do while pregnant. Wish you a healthy and happy motherhood.

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